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End of the world  Empty End of the world

Post by Dealer on Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:24 am

Let's break down the world changing events. This all is common knowledge to anyone that doesn't have an 'outsider ' concept.

Pre-August 30th: there was a steady increase in the war against the wyrm. Garou died more frequently and a few caerns here and there were over-run.

Augast 30th 2017: Pentex employees commit mass suicide somehow kicking off the end times. Hundreds of thousands killed with massive property damage in multiple place around the globe:  USA, united Kingdom, Brazil, Kazakstan and China. Some were smaller than others. No one happened to have footage of the events so even though it should be more concerning than 9-11, without the emotional visual footage, it doesn't have quite the same impact. It's suspected some force made an effort to minimize it's impact

From then until November, the garou dropped everything to go fight in the Umbra. Maybe they had a few parting last words to mates,  but they clearly needed to go. Some may have literally been compelled.

The only garou left behind are the exceptions. Left for Dead claims the number is two in all of North America.

Caerns need to be fed the moot rite or risk losing a rank of power. By now many have disappeared. Cactus, the sept totem is good at conserving energy and living through such times. This is huge and a reason your elders suggested it as a place to fortify and gather.

Your character likely does not know what happened to the Mages or other supernatural types. Those questions are a mystery that may or may not be solved in the course of the game.

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End of the world  Empty Re: End of the world

Post by Dealer on Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:27 pm

People have stated they are having trouble visualizing just how damaged the United States is after the Pentex crisis. Thank you for letting me know it was unclear, I will try to add more detail:

It is big enough to have caused a few rare riots and demonstrations but mostly confusion since they don't know what or who to rage against. With no video evidence it's hard for it to have the same emotional impact.

One of the most common response is conspiracy theories.
What are common conspiracy theories?

-rival mega corporations that wanted to get rid of competition
- The government threatened by funding and political power of these companies
-other megapower governments

The average worker at your local O'Tolleys or King Brewery store didn't die and the stores themselves didn't (neccesarily) blow up. The corporate location all died as well as the legal team and some key stockholders.
Also remember that O'Tolleys and King Brewery are much much smaller than the real life companies they parody (McDonald's and Budwiser)

The company's that were effected (close to cannon, but not quite)
A law firm called Stone and Ash
A consulting company called Horn enterprise
The wod version of Exxon (by far the biggest company effected)
Avalon toy company
Siren cosmetics
King Brewery

The stock market had a dramatic crash.

There's no catastrophic damage to resources, though oil prices have risen a dolar and the supplies have been hit.

The oil crisis was about as big of an event as the bp oil spill.

And there certainly were skirmishes with wyrm creatures before after and during this event, but none of those broke the veil.

Does that help paint a clearer picture?

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