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Post by Dealer on Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:22 pm

When the crisis happened, the garou were forced to leave to fight the Apocalypse. Caerns could not maintain their strength and some were over-run by adversaries. Without their wolf brethren, many kinfolk found themselves targets from other supernaturals.

The decision was made to find strong caerns and fortify them, physically and spiritually. This caern was particularly note-worthy as
1.)  the caern totem was Cactus and had some resilience to surviving a gnosis drought.
2.) this is Native American land with certain rights that allow secracy
3.) Massive amounts of unused (but crappy) land
4.) Strategically located at the point of 3 states: California, Nevada and Arizona

On the bad side, it's hot as hell and impoverished. It is difficult for businesses to grow on tribal lands and sometimes the reservation goes without electricity for months. The Spirit Mountain Casino and a few other tourism options are lucrative, but not enough to keep the entire nation out of poverty.

Bullhead City is the closest major city.

Spirit Mountain Casino
Sept Information Spirit10

Cactus, near the heart of the caern
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View of Bullhead City from the mountain
Sept Information Bullhe10

Colorado River nearby
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