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Post by Alan Rales on Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:44 pm

August 27, 1949, Los Alamos New Mexico.

Prescott Rales was one of the many low level functionaries at the atomic research lab. He had a PhD, a solid grounding in theoretical physics, and an odd propensity to transform into a werewolf when he desired. Normally he worked on bomb casings and tried to figure out what had gone mad with the world and how to try and slow it down.

As he walked into his office after dark, he wondered why anyone would want to talk to him so late. Maybe it was the FBI doing another random background check, or maybe somebody working late had a breakthrough that couldn't wait. Who knew, the scientists were all weird there anyway, it was just part of the territory.

The man sitting in his lab most certainly wasn't FBI though. Not unless the FBI was employing crippled men with one eye, and a female Japanese looking assistant, both of whom were clearly...

"Leeches" he hissed "What are you doing here?"

The crippled one who was easing himself into a chair and looking relieved to be out of pain smiled a savage sort of smile. "The same thing you are doing Doctor Rales. Trying to make sense of the atom bomb, what it means for the future of humanity, and how to slow it down. Well, I am. My friend here is mostly here to make sure that if you change your form that I'm not the one who gets killed. Sit down and let's talk."

Prescott paused a long moment and decided that he could entertain the man for a few minutes. Besides, the leech was holding some rather particular documents that nobody should have ever seen. There were questions that could not be answered with claws and fangs.

"What do you want then..."

"Oh. Sorry. You can call me Victor. Impressive work here Mister Rales, or so I imagine. I actually don't understand most of it. I can see the touches of a man who is holding himself back, and that is quite admirable. In two days, the Soviet Union will be detonating their own bomb. Surprisingly similar to Fat Man actually. That  might be a fluke of physics, or the fact that Theodore Hall has been giving data to the Russians in a wholesale fashion. This surprises you?"

In fact, it did surprise Prescott, because he knew the man in question. "I see..." he said evenly "And you can prove this?"

"I can" Victor nodded while handing over some files. "The problem is you aren't in a position to expose him, nor really is anyone. I'd be surprised if anyone ever finds out to be honest. However, you'll note that Klaus Fuchs and David Greenglass are also busy spreading secrets. I'll be frank Mister Rales. It is bad enough the United States has the bomb. The people I represent are bothered by this. A lot. We are not interested in watching atomic fire bathe the world, and I suspect the Iron Riders..." The vampire frowned "Sorry, you don't call yourselves that anymore do you? Eh, I'm a bit stuck in the 19th century, anyway, I suspect you have no interest in seeing this happen. The genie is out of the bottle, and right now the name of the game is to stall, stall and stall some more."

"And..." Prescott said with a low growl "I'm supposed to believe that a leech has the best interests of humanity at heart?"

Victor struggled to his feet, and clutched at his cane. "Yes Mister Rales. You are. You may believe that we care only to preserve our food source, or you may choose to believe something more noble. Whatever allows you to sleep at night. One of us is helping to build bombs that can destroy the world. The other is working to stop that. The blood of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are on your hands, not mine. Just remember that. I suggest you tell your superiors that a shadowy sort of OSS... sorry they are CIA now, figure left these with you. You'll be doing your country, and your planet a strong service."

Prescott stared and growled for a long moment. The silent Japanese woman simply stared and lightly fingered the sword in her hand. Victor turned his head so that his one good eye fixed squarely on Prescott. "Don't mess this up. Pleasant evening Doctor Rales. If you could find it in your heart to slow your work down by another six months or so, that would give me more time to deal with the rise of a second atomic state."

With that, the vampire quietly hobbled off into the night, while Prescott sat down and after a moment adjusted a calculation he was working on, before calling the security number. It was going to be a long night.
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