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This septs politics Empty This septs politics

Post by Dealer on Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:17 am

Game takes place largely on a former garou sept, just with no garou. Some of the custums and norms remain, but some are not followed by kinfolk.

Garou tend to settle issues with challenges, usually either challenges of combat or the spirits giving them tests of knowledge. Disputes are settled on the mound.

Kinfolk have less of the 'might makes right' mentality. They are more likely to settle disputes through voting or talking out their problems. They don't have rage and they have less of a need to prove themselves in that capacity.  I intend to have some political plot decision points that each pc in good standing will vote on.
One of the punishments might be to take away your vote for a length of time.

The new npc political body has in game been thrown together at the last minute. If pcs want to get involved or become leaders in their own way: there are ways to do this.
If you took certain merits/backgrounds such as the kinfolk background, that means you have a leg up in some of the politics. You can try to get your family to vote along with you.

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