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Anouncements. 3-4-18 Empty Anouncements. 3-4-18

Post by Dealer on Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:17 am

Important. Read.

We will hold a moot on 3-11-2018, performed by the visiting Athro Theurge Uktena 'Left-For-Dead'.

We have several major announcements and this ritual is what powers the caern. We want all to attend, even those that do not sleep on the sept.


Leeches are known to have eyes on the hotels and they are not secured.  This issue will be addressed in the mood. Anyone wanting to investigate this threat should not do so alone, it must be done safely and with my over-sight.  Wait for an official team which will be discussed at the moot.

Ways to make housing more comfortable will be discussed at the moot.

We continue to open our doors and welcome refugees from other septs. It may not be the most comfortable for some, but we have acres of unsued space.

We must band together for us to survive.

If you can fight, Zeff needs volunteers for security duty.
If you are mystically inclined,  Hok'ee needs assistants communing with the land and spirits.
If you can investigate,  contact Jayson who will contact myself. Jayson will likely be acting as my assistant in this matter and this is important enough that I wish to over-see personally.

Do you have a heroic or interesting story? Talk to Kalea, the spirits want to hear what you have done. Some of you are elite and exceptional, officers of the law, healers or help humankind through your conections the spirits need to know this. Even if it is not traditionally worthy of renown. If you think you have a story like this, Kalea will advise you.

Thank you all, more will become clear at the moot.

Mallory Blackrock, caretaker to sept of Dead Mountain in absence of its alpha.
Manager of the Spirit Mountain Casino
Uktena kinfolk.

((Ooc you can contact the listed npcs in a scene OR by saying you do in the qa.  A few might be more appropriate for qa,  like if you are still working out what you did in the past))

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